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Zombies? Drugs? What in the world?

When I released Tainted Cure, I was asked that question in various ways many times. Several people bombarded me with negative comments, online and in person (not about the quality of writing) but about my decision to delve into the sci-fi/post-apocalyptic genre since my main fan base consists of mystery/thriller/suspense readers.
Apparently, there is some obscure rule urging authors to “stick” to a particular genre if they want to succeed by creating their “brand.” Many people, including other authors, urged me to change my mind and steer clear of genre-hopping by continuing to pen what my fans crave.
I never have been good with rules or running away from a challenge. J
Though I have been a longtime fan of the zombie genre and of course, The Walking Dead, I never considered writing a book about the subject. Seriously, hasn’t it all been done? What in the world could I add to the genre?
Ever since The Magic Island by W.B. Seabrook in 1929 hit the bookshelves,the reasoning behind our collec…