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The Attitude of Gratitude

Six years ago, I blindly stumbled down the writing path, unsure of what pitfalls to steer clear of or what scary things were lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce on me, stripping me of my naiveté. I soon found out there were more than lions, tigers and bears in the writing woods. There were freaking trolls gleefully drooling in the underbrush, eager to unleash their venom on this newbie. They tried to discourage me into turning tail and running like a frightened kitten back home after spewing their verbal vomit on the trail in front of me.
They messed with the wrong gal. I don’t give up. Period. Go ahead, internet trolls, and tell me I am incapable of accomplishing something. Go ahead—I dare you. While the little trolls burn through brain matter to come up with a snarky jab, I’ll be busy writing my next book after working with the marketing team at HarperCollins Publishers UK imprint, Killer Reads, for the book they decided to publish after Suburbia Made Me Do It was submitted to…