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Enabling - The Part We Play - Part 4 of Addiction is a Family Disease

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ENABLING:  The  Part We Play
The hand is held out yet it's dirty, because that is exactly what we do when enabling our addicts, even though we don't realize it. We aren't helping them, we are enabling their addiction.
How many of you at some point and time have done any of the following things?
Went searching for them in the middle of thenight?Searched their vehicle looking for alcohol or drugs?Paidtheirbillsbecausetheydidn'thavemoney (sincealltheirmoneywasspenton alcohol ordrugs)?Made excuses for them to family andfriends?Bailed them out ofjail?Paid their court fees or fines?Helped them find a job?Bought them avehicle?Walked on egg shells around them afraid to trigger anoutburst?

I've accomplished all of the above except one (searching in the middle of the night) numerous times over the years. With every single act, I thought I was doing the right thing--the loving, supportive thing--for my addict. These are all things we have done that …