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Addiction is a Family Disease

Addiction isn’t just about the voluminous issues experienced by the addict. Like ripples in a pond, addictionaffectseverything—and everyone—around the addict. Nothing remains untouched as the disease, like a virulent plague, destroysrelationships, friendships,employment, childhood, parenthood and marriages. Don’t believe me? Take a few minutes to read this staggering piece from CNN.
According to the article (source figures provided by the CDC from number of deaths from drug poisoning vs. other causes, 1999-2014) “Drugs now kill more people than cars, guns. Drugs are the leading cause of accidental death in this country. Fatal overdoses surpassed shooting deaths and fatal traffic accidents years ago. For perspective on how fast drug deaths have risen, Anderson said, consider the sharp rise in heart disease in the early half of the 20th century. It took about 50 years for the rate of heart disease to double. It took drug deaths a fraction of that time.
Scared yet? You should be, because…