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Halloween Trick of Treat - Audio Style!

Thank you for stopping by my blog to learn more about the two audiobooks up for grabs from the Halloween Trick or Treat - hosted by Uvi Poznansky. Below are excerpts from Whispered Pain and Growl, each narrated by the amazing Andrea Emmes.


Chapter One - Questions

What does it mean to be alive? It’s an age-old conundrum with various answers. Some are universal. To touch, taste, smell, see, hear and feel. It might be the gentle fingers of a mother, stroking the soft skin of her newborn. Or, is it the taste of a sumptuous meal on your tongue? What about the smell of summer rain, freshly mown grass, your lover’s scent? Maybe it’s drinking in the vibrant colors of the sky at sunset, or the shimmering moon as it peaks over a snow covered mountain. Perhaps the answer is joyous squeals of children’s laughter as they play without worry, still cocooned away inside naiveté. Experiencing a moment of pure ecstasy when you climax, or the soul-crushing sorrow when you lose a loved one…

Night Court is now in session!

My fourth novel of 2015, Night Court, is now available to preorder the digital version on Amazon. The print and audio versions will release on December 13, 2015. I'm thrilled to announce Rebecca Roberts is providing the narration, and Blackstone Audio is distributing. What a way to end 2015!

To preorder the digital book, simply click on this link, which will take you to Amazon. The ebook will be delivered wirelessly to your Kindle on December 13, 2015. Below is the cover, book description, and the first chapter. Enjoy!


Merry watches, her presence cloaked by the shroud of nightfall. Nothing moves except her eyes which focus on her target. No remorse. No regret. No second guessing the decision to end the lives of the monsters who turned her into a killer. 


The peddlers of death from potent chemicals are found guilty. Punishment for their crimes--death. Appeals denied. Sentencing to commence immediately. The leeches who sucked out the life of addicts with each snort, shot, swa…

Uvi Poznansky: Trick or Treat

Uvi Poznansky: Trick or Treat: Don't miss this opportunity!  Click this link and join: Trick or Treat A select group of authors has joined forces with me To ...

Whispered Pain Release