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Blood Ties - Book One of the Magnolia Series

So excited to announce the softcover version of Blood Ties - The Bonds Are Permanent is live on Amazon!

Reviewers are saying:

--Blood Ties is Ashley Fontainne at her evil-minded best. Since her mother, Lillian Hansen, collaborated on this book, could it be the gift is genetic? This blood-curdling book has everything: malicious and angelic characters, dastardly deeds, a spattering of humor and hefty doses of love... I cringed at the insane cruelty of the leaders of the 'murderous ring' that preys on senior citizens. And I cheered when the stunning daughter/mother team from California hits Arkansas, taking it by storm. They not only capture the bad guys, they capture hearts along the way too. This exciting, raunchy and simply terrific book is so seamlessly written that it's hard to believe two minds wrote it. Congrats on yet another winner... Another movie in the works?--Betty Dravis, author of The Hiss of Evil
--This is, hands down, her best story yet! Bad things do happen t…