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The End...and a New Beginning

2012 was a stellar year, and not because we all survived the Mayan doomsday in December!

2012 was full of many challenges and triumphs for me personally. After the incredible journey that December 2011 took me on, when January 2012 rolled around, I didn't believe that the success of my first novel, Accountable to None, could be topped. Boy, was I wrong!

I left the small press I had the sequel, Zero Balance with and went back to my Indie roots. Then in April of 2012, I started a BlogTalk Radio Show as a way to give back to the Indie Author community. The show became a success, especially after Bennet Pomerantz joined as my co-host. With the show in full swing and both novels doing well on Amazon, I set out to finish the third and final installment in the series, Adjusting Journal Entries. Then, while doing the 'marketing rounds' when Adjusting Journal Entries was released, I was a guest on Artist First Radio (a CBS Radio News Affiliate). A few days after my appearance, the …