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65 and Counting

June 25, 2012 marks what would have been the 65th wedding anniversary of my beloved Grandparents.

65th.  An amazing accomplishment that I have no doubt would have been met with a grand party indeed.

Two loving souls from different parts of the country with varying backgrounds. My grandmother was born to a Danish immigrant mother that spoke not one word of English when she arrived in the U.S. at the ripe old age of 18. Her father was also an immigrant that hailed from Ireland that at least spoke the language, albeit with a heavy Irish brogue.  They met while working at a large plantation home in South Carolina: she was a maid and he was the gardener.  No words were spoken between them for a year, just a single rose sitting at Mama's table in the back part of the kitchen each morning.  Soon, Papa whisked her away to Nebraska and they began life anew.  My grandmother was their second child and only daughter.  Her fiery spirit, flowing red hair, love for music and desperation to remo…

Welcome to the spotlight, Lindsay Anne!

It is my honor and privilege to bring to my readers today the incredible author, Lindsay Anne Kendal.

Lindsay holds a spot near and dear to my heart and although we are “across the pond” from each other, nonetheless, our friendship has blossomed.  I like to credit her with sort of “discovering” me and putting me on the track to where I am now headed.

Not only is she a wonderful author that has created a unique way to bring valuable life lessons to her YA readers, she does so in a very non-traditional setting. Her stories are fascinating tales set in and around Hell, with memorable characters that will keep you turning the pages to find out what exciting adventures they will wander through next.

I have read and reviewed the first two novels in her Bloodlines trilogy, Bloodlines and Torment.  Below is my review of both novels, as well as a link to purchase each one not only in the US, but the UK as well.  Following these reviews, you will find Lindsay’s comments about Torment, and wh…