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Author Spotlight: Joanna Lee Doster!

Today, please welcome Joanna Lee Doster to the spotlight!

1.  What kind of books do you write and how many have you written so far?
I have written both non-fiction and fiction. My first book was on interior design and my new book is the first of an action-thriller series
2.  When is your next book being published? I have just recently released Maximum Speed: Pushing The Limit and the next book is still in the draft stage.
3.  When did you start writing?
I seriously began writing in the mid 1990’s.
4.  How did you get into writing, and why did you pick the genre that you currently write in? My family is comprised of writers. Writing was always a creative outlet for me. With all the characters in my head, I guess I’m compelled to write about them. I’m not exactly sure how I started writing an action-thriller in motorsports. But I fell in love with the sport and this young character and his family developed in my head. The story just exploded out of me and I did my best to capture all of its …

Best Friends & Birthday Wishes

That one friend that you have this undeniable, unshakable, unending connection with.  You know the kind of friendship I'm talking about: the one friend that would help you hide the body with a brilliant, wicked smile gracing their lips?  The one friend that, Heaven help you, ever decided to write a novel, you would have to kill hersince she knows every single dirty little secret you have?
The friend that has a shoulder with a permanent indentation of your tear-soaked face from all the times you slobbered all over it, boohooing over some major tragic event? (events, of course, which have morphed over the years from not making the cheer team to your husband just left or a beloved family member passing on).
The one that has the bail bondsman's number on speed dial from rescuing your pathetically stupid self from yet another rough night after said "tragic" experiences above?  The one that hates all of your ex's with almost as much passion as you do?  The one fr…

Author Interview with Linda Hawley!

Author Interview Questions:
1.  What kind of books do you write and how many have you written so far? I am currently writing a paranormal science fiction book series, called The Prophecies.  One reader called it a mix of Bourne Identity meets Inception.  Two of the books are published, and the third will publish at the very end of Dec 2011, or Jan 2012. 
Book 1 of The Prophecies is called Dreams Unleashed (2nd Edition) Book 2 of The Prophecies is called Guardian of Time
I simply *love* the dystopian genre, and plan to start writing another dystopian adventure in 2012.
2.  When is your next book being published?             (see above)
3.  When did you start writing?              I fell in love with the written word when I was about five.  That’s when I started to write poetry.  When I was twelve years old, I was involved in an accident and sustained a major head injury. The result was that I had to re-learn the English language, not remembering the simple difference between a noun and a verb. …

Author Interview - Lohrainne Eckhart

Welcome!  Today's featured author is Lohrainne Eckhart, including a synopsis of her latest book,

1.  What kind of books do you write and how many have you written so far? I write mainly write women’s fiction. Although I’ve written two contemporary romances, and a young adult christmas story, which will be published in early November.
2.  When is your next book being published? The Forgotten Child will be released November 1, 2011, it is a contemporary romance.
3.  When did you start writing?
I started writing seven years ago, after my youngest was born.   
4.  How did you get into writing, and why did you pick the genre that you currently write in? Writing was always in the back of mind. I have stories to tell, and a need to write. I enjoy writing women’s fiction, about relationships and problems between a man and a woman.
5.  What is your creative process like? When I have an idea for a book, I’ll sit down and start writing. The characters come to life as does the story, which takes on …

Author Interview - Margaret Millmore

Today's blog is dedicated to the author of Doppelganger Experiment, Margaret Millmore!


What kind of books do you write and how many have you written so far?
Margaret: I write thrillers/suspense (with a little paranormal twist). I have one published work, however I have another completed novel, which I hope to ‘clean up’ and have published in the next year or so.

When is your next book being published?
Margaret: As I mentioned above, I have another book that was completed prior to my published novel Doppelganger Experiment, and I’m working on a third, I’m not really sure though when the next two will be published, hopefully within the next year.

When did you start writing? 
Margaret: The opportunity came up for me to write seriously 3 years ago, but I’ve always made up stories and hoped some day to have the time to write them down.

How did you get into writing, and why did you pick the genre that you currently write in? 
Margaret: When I was young I really wanted to be a writer, but …

Review of: Kill Me Now!: A Middle Aged Man's Maneuvers through the Frontline of the Dating Battlefield

4 Stars

Welcome to the crazed, tongue-in-cheek world of one lonely man, his mind constantly set ablaze by the utter confusion that his battlefield adversary, the enigma known as “woman”, constantly launches at him as he schlepps through the dangerously deceiving landscape commonly known as “dating.” 

Parts of this book had me rolling with laughter at some of the more outrageous, precarious predicaments he finds himself in as he attempts every single known dating strategy, including having friends set him up, online dating and even procuring the services of a matchmaker. These overly exaggerated battles with his wily feminine opponents leave him dazed, bleeding and down for the count, yet somehow, through the magic of sheer determination, he stands stoically back up, ready to face the next combat zone. 

Cleverly written and full of over-the-top scenarios that you can't help but laugh at, this caustic book gives you a deeply sarcastic peek "behind the stoic curtain" most men …

4 Stars for While the Angels Slept by Del Garrett


Del Garrett possesses the fantastic ability to spin a suspenseful tale, full of vivid imagery and a strong attention to the detail surrounding each scene. However, the staggering detail oftentimes overshadowed the core of the story and I found myself a bit lost, but then POW, something visceral would happen and I was fully engaged once again!

While I won't go into plot detail, I will say that I enjoyed the numerous plot twists and turns that Del wisely crafted. Once the action started after a slow beginning, it went full throttle until the very last word.

The thing that I found most interesting about this book was the fact that, although set in modern time, Del's great writing skills somehow made you feel like you were immersed in another era, perhaps in the midst of a "Sam Spade" novel. 

If you like mystery, international intrigue, budding romances and the exposing of secrets, then you will love this book!

Heroic Women

Fictional heroine, Audra Tanner, is portrayed in my novels as a strong, educated and empowered woman that, through circumstances that lecherously attached themselves to her life, becomes a warrior seeking justice.  While this character's life makes for good fiction, she is just a conglomeration of words strung together in a book.


There are multitudes of women out there in the real world that fight every single day to just wake up in the morning.  Ones that have suffered tragic events in their lives, ranging from survivors of sexual and physical abuse to those incredible women that valiantly "hold the fort down" while their spouses serve bravely in the military, to those who live inside bodies that seem, through no fault of their own, to rebel against them.  

Today, I would like to take a moment and pay tribute to two such women that I personally know and have the utmost respect and love for, as they face their biggest battles.  Both women could not be more of po…

Zero Balance Teaser!

This is just a draft cover that I am playing with for Zero Balance, but close the final product!  I wanted to share this with everyone, as well as the Preface for Zero Balance!
“Revenge, at first though sweet, bitter ere long back on itself recoils.” – John Milton, Paradise Lost
“Jury selection for the trial of Olin Kemper, former managing partner of the Phoenix based accounting firm, Winscott & Associates, is scheduled to begin Monday at the Yarkema County Courthouse.  Mr. Kemper is accused of the murder of Gina Milligan over thirty plus years ago in Summerset.  His arrest last year for this local, legendary case has catapulted Summerset into the national spotlight, filling the hotels and restaurants located in and around this tiny berg to well beyond their capacity, as news crews from all over the United States have descended upon this normally quiet town like a horde of hungry locusts.       Roger Clanton and Nicolaus Rancliff, lead attorneys of Mr. Kemper’s dream team of la…

Bloodlines by Lindsay Anne Kendal

As promised, here is my review of Bloodlines by Lindsay Anne Kendal on Goodreads!


Lindsay Anne Kendal did a fantastic job on this novel, and that took a lot for me to say, since I don't normally read this particular genre.

The plot line is extremely intriguing and contains a quite unique take on the hidden history of the Salem witch trials and the resulting generational impact that the actions of those individuals originally involved had on their subsequent "Bloodlines."

The main characters are immediately likable and the friendships that developed will make for interesting ties in the next books. The action is exciting and keeps your attention, yet it is written so well that the "gore" factor is not necessary, therefore, it is a perfect mixture for the target audience. 

Although I originally read this book to determine if it was appropriate reading material for my 13 year old daughter (which it is! - guess what she is getting for Christmas?) I am hooked…