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Just in time for Halloween---an interview with Lindsay Anne Kendal!

Well, it's that time of year when ghosts, goblins, witches and warlocks will soon come knocking on our doors, demanding their fair share of chocolate covered, sugar coated mood enhancers!  While all in fun for the kiddos that traipse through your neighborhood, it also brings out the paranormal interest of many people, so I thought "Why not interview a paranormal writer?"
I would like to introduce to you Lindsay Anne Kendal, author of the Bloodlines Trilogy.  I just recently, through the wonders of social media, "met" Lindsay and am currently reading Bloodlines, which I have found to be quite captivating and very original!  (Once I finish reading her first two books, a full review will follow!)
The second novel in the series, Torment, is slated for release on 11-1-11, so don't forget to look for it as well!

Lindsay has been a wonderful addition to my life in so many ways, even though we have never actually met.  Her willingness to help a fellow writer (this …

Accountable to None


Book Tours!

Ok, so I am impatiently tromping through the muck and mire (a.k.a. the ins/outs of the publishing world) and discovering that the goop under my feet stinks....

But, I digress.

Thank goodness for a few kind souls that have graciously offered up assistance, support and guidance!  I was so exhausted combing through page after page on the Internet, trying to figure out some type of marketing strategy (which, sadly, I am still lost in the woods on that one!) and understand the differences in the types of publishing available to struggling, first time authors like myself.

Word of mouth through Facebook has been a wonderful tool for me, and I am just learning the ropes of "tweeting" and this dreaded blog thing.  But what drives the sales and the traffic to click "buy" where your book is being sold at?  Why, book reviews, of course!

For each and every person that reviewed my book on either Amazon or Barnes&Noble or any other site, such as Goodreads, my sincerest thank… making me insane...

Ah, Carly Simon: how I feel your pain!  Anticipation kept you "waitin' but it has caused me much more than just mild angst as I am "waitin" here, stuck atop a large box of pins and needles, the sensation that my ass is on fire overwhelming me, causing me to twitch and nervously bounce in my chair, ever since Saturday, waiting for the phone call/email that will change my life. 

You see, I embarked on this crazy writing journey about six months ago, as I hit "Save and Continue?" on the submit screen that allowed Accountable to None to go live on sale.  All that excitement; all the build up; all those hours of editing, revising, typing until my fingernails disappeared and my fingertips lost all feeling; painstakingly fretting over cover design, pricing, distribution, etc., and then Poof! with one click of a button, it was over.

Almost 700+ books later (between Amazon and Barnes&Noble) and one personal and fan page on Facebook, a Twitter account and tryin…