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Busy days!

I didn't realize until today how much time had passed since my last blog post!

Whew! Busy, busy days!

So many things have happened during the previous two months I hope I can recall all of them.

1. Ruined Wings is a finalist in the TopShelf Magazine 2018 Indie Book Awards in the Young New Adult (Fiction) (17 years and up) category. A staggering 1,023 total entries were submitted so it is quite the honor to make it to the finals!

2. Executive Producer/Director, Sabrina Stewart, informed me the film Ruined Wings is finished though a release date is not yet available. I will keep you posted! Check out the website here.

3. Covers, covers, COVERS! First up: The Sheltering Palms by fellow Arkansas writer, Preston Howard. Please stop by his Facebook page and give him a like.

“The best book I’ve ever read about lawyers, cops, and unions.” Bob Helpert, Tucson, Arizona

“In his debut novel, Preston Howard spins tales that are funny, sardonic, and often lecherous. Did I forget to say funny? A d…

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