Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Lie finds its voice!

In honor of Christian recording artist and narrator, Andrea Emmes, giving The Lie its voice, all of my novels are available for only $0.99!


I have several free codes for audio books available from www.audible.com. If you are interested in listening to Number Seventy-Five (narrated by Sabrina Stewart) or the second and third books in the Eviscerating the Snake trilogy, (narrated by Sara Morsey), all you need to do is message me on Facebook. Yep, that’s it! First come, first serve until all the free codes are gone.

So, head on over to Amazon, B&N, Kobo or GooglePlay and snag any/all of my books for $0.99 – remember, this is a limited time offer!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

How Audio books landed me movie deals

No, it's not a typo. That's deals, plural. I am beyond thrilled to officially announce the Option Agreement for the Eviscerating the Snake trilogy is completed and the ink dry. The three screenplays for Accountable to None, Zero Balance and Adjusting Journal Entries are currently underway.

I am still in shock!

In April of 2011, when I first unleashed Accountable to None on Amazon (unedited and with my own cover--gasp!) thoughts of Hollywood were nonexistent. I uploaded the book out of sheer curiosity, and to see if my college creative writing instructor was just blowing smoke when she gushed over the story. Never, in a million years, would I have dreamed Accountable to None would make it to the Top Ten in thrillers on Amazon (which it did in December of 2011--after undergoing a thorough edit). By the time the sequels, Zero Balance and Adjusting Journal Entries were finished and uploaded for sale, my knowledge of the publishing industry had grown by leaps and bounds. Credit for my newly learned information goes to the wonderful folks at Blue Harvest Creative.  From their stellar cover designs, beautiful interior layouts and vast array of marketing knowledge, they helped me create polished pieces of work.

By the time I wrote the thriller novella, Number Seventy-Five, I was a full-fledged believer and staunch supporter of Blue Harvest. In fact, I named them my official book designers and haven't looked back since. When I sent Number Seventy-Five to them for the creation of the cover, they outdid themselves when they created this:

After reading the story and creating the fabulous cover, they encouraged me to do two things that changed the trajectory of my career. First, they suggested I enter the book in the Readers' Favorite Book Awards (where it won the BRONZE medal for fiction/suspense in 2013) and secondly, they suggested I have an audio version made.

I was only two years in to the whole new world of writing and the thought never occurred to me to look at the avenue of audio books. However, I heeded their suggestion and went to Audiobook Creation Exchange (better known as ACX) and listed Number Seventy-Five as a title looking for a narrator. I lurked around the site and listened to several voice clips of potential narrators until one slammed me in the chest when I heard it.

Actress Sabrina Stewart possessed the perfect voice to portray the main character in Number Seventy-Five, Mandy Russell. I immediately contacted her and sent her the audition sample. Within days, Sabrina was officially the voice of the story and within weeks, the audio version was completed and up for sale.

A week or so after the audio book was completed, Sabrina mentioned she felt the story would make a great movie and asked if she could pitch it to several producers/directors she knew in Hollywood. I was honored and quite shocked, but really didn't give too much credence to her request. After all, the story is only 74 pages...

Audio book sales began to trickle in, so I decided to list the Eviscerating the Snake trilogy on ACX. Yet another actress, Sara Morsey, auditioned. When I listened to her beautiful voice, I knew she embodied the spirit and soul of the heroine, Audra Tanner, as well as the rest of the characters. Within a few months, Sara recorded all three of the books and we were in business.

During that time, Sabrina found the right partners and contacted me with news I never expected to hear: Number Seventy-Five had people interested in making it into a feature film. It took me a while to really ingest her words. It couldn't be real! My shock was finally put to rest when Sabrina connected me with the Director of Photography and Executive Producer, Amir Jaffer, and the Director, Michael Regalbuto. When things began to come together and actors such as John Sarno, Dave Vescio, Rob Nelson and Susan Kay Thompson joined the project, the reality finally settled in that this was real! 

The team at Blue Harvest Creative designed the movie website and things are moving forward. And it was the connection with Sabrina, Susan and Michael that landed the next option. 

The fantastic narration by Sara Morsey of Accountable to None, Zero Balance and Adjusting Journal Entries caught their attention as they listened to the audio books. The next thing I knew, I was contacted about their interest in optioning ALL THREE books.

Below is a representation of how I felt when I found out:


In only thirty-eight months since I first dove into the crazy world of publishing and became an Indie author, my life has changed in ways I doubt I will ever truly fathom. I was overjoyed when the first book was optioned, but am beyond ecstatic at the addition of three more. Highly trained professionals with reputations made with each work they are a part of want to make my books a part of their collection of works. WOW!

If it weren't for fans of the books who bought, read, reviewed and told others, I wouldn't be typing this blog post. My heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one of you who took a chance on an Indie and became a supporter. I also want to thank the team at Blue Harvest Creative for their guidance and belief in me and my thrillers. Of course, the incredibly talented Sabrina Stewart and Sara Morsey for infusing my books with their wonderful narrations, deserve huge kudos. And Sabrina! Not only am I excited to see you bring Mandy Russell's character to life on the screen, but I can't wait to attend the premier so I can hug your neck!

And last, but certainly not least, I want to thank Audiobook Creation Exchange for opening up the opportunity for Indie authors to have their print/ebooks turned in to audio versions. Because without that avenue, I wouldn't be able to see on the screen...

Based on the novel by Ashley Fontainne

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cover reveal - The Ter'roc Evolution by Jason P. Stadtlander

Cover Reveal: The Ter’roc
We’re revealing the new beautiful cover designed by Blue Harvest Creative for The Ter’roc: Evolution, an epic science fiction novel about an ancient race of aliens that created the human species thousands of years ago. Steeped in science, historical fiction, philosophy and biology, this book introduces an intriguing new dimension to our own world and worlds beyond.

And now…the reveal

In 3,




This novel is a continuance of the most popular story from Ruins of the Mind, the science fiction anthology of short stories written by Jason P. Stadtlander and published in June of 2012.  The Ter’roc: Evolution is the first in a three-part series which contains references to ancient structures such as the pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge and more, but reveals the larger purpose behind these structures steeped in mystery—purposes often wondered about but never before revealed.

When a teenage tomboy named Shawn ventures into a storm drain near the railroad tracks in Swampscott, Massachusetts, she stumbles upon more than a few blue glass pieces she is foraging. She comes face to face with Sam’loc of the alien ter’roc species, the initial link to discovering ancient hidden truths and a key revelation concerning humanity’s past. This initial face-to-face with Sam’loc draws Shawn unexpectedly into a world never before encountered—knowingly at least—by others. In the process, she is called upon to challenge more than she ever thought possible and rises to the occasion in ways she never expected.

The ter’roc and ishkan are ancient alien species which seeded the Earth with humans tens of thousands of years ago. These two species have remained hidden, however, watching over and guiding us unobtrusively when needed. Only now are they making themselves known to help defend Earth against a threat too powerful for humans to fight alone.

Along the way, we will find that there is much more to humanity than simply being human.

This book is scheduled for release in December, 2014.

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Writer's Process Blog Tour

I have been invited to participate in a project with global reach, The Writer’s Process Blog Tour. I was invited to participate by Phyllis Zimbler Miller. You can learn more about Ms. Phyllis and all her works at http://www.phylliszimblermiller.com/writing/innovative-author-blog-tour/

Last week Phyllis answered four questions about her work and process and nominated three other writers to continue the chain. I am honored that Ms. Phyllis included me in this tour. Below are the questions and my responses.

1) What am I working on?

I just finished my seventh novel which is currently in editing. I plan on releasing it in the Fall of 2014. Also, I am almost finished with a paranormal thriller entitled Growl which I should have finished by the end of 2014. And I am super excited to announce I am collaborating a new series with my mother entitled The Majestic Life which will most likely be a three book series.

Though most of my previous books have been suspense/thrillers, this newest novel, Empty Shell, is more of a heart-wrenching mystery. It explores just what it means to really love someone and how our immediate perceptions of events can sometimes be totally off the mark--and how our reactions to incorrect information can destroy the lives of countless people. Below is a working synopsis of the book:

When everything you know changes in the blink of an eye, how do you cope with the fallout? That’s what Melody Dickinson is about to find out on a hot, humid Monday morning when she discovers her husband of twenty years, Jack, has been unfaithful. The betrayal is made worse when she realizes his lover is a young coworker at her law firm. Melody isn’t sure her marriage will survive, but she is certain of one thing: there is no way she can work alongside the woman who seems hell bent on ending her marriage.

After choice words are exchanged between Melody and Jack, she heads off to work. Melody is determined to have her husband’s lover, Serena Rowland, fired. But when Melody arrives at her office, she senses something is wrong. At first, Melody assumes the odd quiet and downtrodden eyes of her fellow employees are because everyone already knows about the affair and feel sorry for her. When Melody’s boss, Roger Stanek, asks her to step into his office to discuss the situation, Melody is beyond humiliated. Unwilling to go down without a fight and lose her job of eleven years, Melody finds the courage to ask Roger to support her and fire Serena.

The response Roger gives her will change Melody and Jack’s world forever. Shocked that Melody doesn’t already know the news about one of the richest men in Arkansas’ only daughter, Roger informs Melody he can’t fire Serena because she’s dead. Not just dead—murdered—her body found beaten and strangled in the same hotel room that Serena had shared with Jack only two days earlier. Within seconds of hearing the news, Melody’s life undergoes a paradigm shift after Jack calls her in a panic when the police arrive at their home to arrest him for Serena’s murder.

As Melody’s life spins out of control, she must choose between the hard, solid evidence that her eyes see and the love inside her heart for things she can only feel. Was she married to a monster that beat and strangled Serena to death or was Jack set up? Did Melody’s own dark secret, hidden inside her heart for years, have something to do with the nightmare she suddenly finds herself in? Less than a week later, Jack is found dead in his cell, his death attributed to a previously unknown allergic reaction to penicillin. Since Jack’s DNA was found at the crime scene and matches to the DNA of Serena’s unborn baby, the police close the case, filing it away as solved.

But when Melody uncovers new evidence that points to someone else’s involvement, will she be able to sway the police to reopen Jack’s case and begin an investigation into his untimely death? Or will the individuals responsible for destroying her life do everything in their power to stop her? With nothing left in her world, Melody is determined to uncover the truth and clear her husband’s name. Will Melody be able to overcome her pain, or will her life be destroyed when the truth does emerge?

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I tend to tell my stories from the first person perspective. I do this because it gives me the freedom to really delve into the mind of the main character.

3) Why do I write what I do?

I love to read a book that makes you gasp, grip the pages tighter and wonder what YOU would do if faced with the same situation. My hope and goal with each book I write is that the reader won't just be entertained (which, of course, is a must) but that the story will linger with them long after they read the last sentence. Everything I have written (with the exception of The Lie) has real life applications and are situations that could happen.

 4) How does my writing process work?

Like so many others out there, I still hold a full-time job. So, writing happens at lunch, after work and sometimes late at night after the hubby is asleep. I have an extremely long commute to work each day so I work the stories out in my mind while I drive. It's like watching a movie--I see each chapter as a scene and I work it out visually what should happen next. Then, when the images all swirl together and form a tight scene, I write it down when I get to the computer. My question and answer session is now over so I would like to introduce you to three other writers! I believe you will enjoy their work as much as I have.

Hannah Steenbock

Blog link: http://www.hannah-steenbock.de

Hannah Steenbock is a German writer of Speculative Fiction. She uses both her native German and English as languages for her tales, as she tends to think in that language when plotting Fantasy.

After finishing university with a degree in English and Spanish, she lives and works in Kiel, the northernmost state capital of Germany. Her other pastimes include working as a therapist, riding horses, strolling along beaches, talking with trees, and devouring as many stories as time allows.

LaDonna Cole:

Pithy Bio: 

LaDonna Cole is a Texas girl who thrives in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Playing Ukulele, singing, writing fantasy/fiction, and traveling as much as possible, a Psychiatric Nurse and incurable optimist, she draws on her zest for adventure, passion for family, and journey through faith to release the soul of each new story. Published works include: Drummer Boy and The Torn Book One Holding Kate Series, Heartwork Village Grief Recovery Curriculum, and A Ready Word.

Audra Trosper

Writer, mother, ruler of the world inside her head.
A.D. Trosper is the author of the bestselling, award winning Dragon's Call series. The first and second books are already out under the titles Embers at Galdrilene and Tears of War. She has also written a children's book and has three books planned for release in 2014. A.D. enjoys writing in a variety of genres including epic fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance.
An avid lover of animals, she has rescued and rehabbed horses, goats, dogs and cats. When not writing, she spends time with her family and pets. She is convinced chocolate is a necessary food group and magic is real (not always the way we think it is, but real nonetheless).